Appendices from CAM2P™ eBooks series

CAM2P™, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™, is our approach for managing a project. This approach considers the whole project life span (project life cycle) from idea to project closure.

The followings are some of the appendices from our eBooks series about our methodology, with links in PDF format for registered users. Clients and subscribers will be able to access the files in original format, MS Word in this case.

  1. The CAM2P™ Stages: this appendix includes a brief explaination of each of the project stages on the standard project life span model. 
  2. The CAM2P™ Stage Gates: this appendix presents the eight stage gates, in addition to the name and purpose of each stage gate on the standard project life span model.

  3. The CAM2P™ Major Deliverables: this appendix does not include all of the project deliverables, and is limited to the major stage deliverables on the standard project life span model