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Call for Collaboration

We will do our best to share what we can and as often as we can. However, we are a company with limited resources and we cannot cover everything. This is why we need you.

How can you contribute?

Knowledge Sharing

If you have things to share with the community and want to publish with us, through our blog, a case study, a white paper, a presentation, or anything else, we welcome it. Our commitment is to give you full recognition for the contribution, you will maintain the copyright, and you decide on sharing rules (open or restricted).

All we ask is that the information would be:

One final note, by submitting materials to the portal, you would be indemnifying SUKAD of any liability and that what you share is your own copyright or you have authorization to share.


Maintaining this site and regularly updating content requires effort and funding. Since most of this content is open to the public and registered users, we request and seek support from our customers and community to sponsor this portal. If you are interested, please contact us with your interest.