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Copyright Guidelines

The Project Management Knowledge Portal by SUKAD is a community site for knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas. Our intention is to make a good part of the content on this portal available for our professional community to download and use without seeking permission from SUKAD.

How do we do that?

Each item on this portal should have a copyright code. If none is provided, then the default would be restricted copyright, which means you cannot share or use without specific reference to SUKAD; see item 1 below.

Here are the various coding:

  1. Restricted per global copyright rules: these items would have the © symbol typically with a year and SUKAD or Mounir Ajam name. For example © 2008-2013 SUKAD indicates the restriction and that the owner is SUKAD. If the item is from others; we will apply their copyright requirements.
  2. In the spirit of open exchange, as much as possible, most of the portal content will be in accordance with Creative Commons.

There are many different levels under creative commons, please refer to these guidelines on the next page.